2K Doorbell - RTSP Stream (on Power supply)

Dear Eufy,

Just Bought the 2K Video Doorbell coming from a Google Nest doorbell, Love the concept of local storage. But there is one big issue.

1 of the reasons i bought the product is that i read Eufy provides an RTSP stream on its camera’s, with this stream in combination with some smart use of Home Assistant i would be able to replicate the functionality which the Nest Door bell has and that is if the doorbell is pressed to Cast the camera feed to all of my Google Hub screens. This is a feature that if you once had it can’t go without.

But after installing the doorbell i had to find out only the doorbell does not comes with support for a RTSP video stream…

I was almost there, as i just intergraded it in Home Assistant with the help of fuatakgun with this custom integration/addon https://github.com/fuatakgun/eufy_security for Home Assistant

I have read multiple forums where many have decided to return the product as a lag of this feature, and is also what i might do. Could you tell me if this is on the road map or there is a way to get this activated?

i understand if it is disabled when it was running on battery but mine is on a power supply. I don’t see why you would block this. Hope we can find a solution to this!


Ditto all hard power devices should have both cloud support and rstp…


I am also looking for this feature for my 2K doorbell battery, which is wired. At this point, I am using p2p to live stream in Home Assistant. But it would be so much better if it had an RTSP stream option available.

that was the reason i bought it bacause of my nas, but it seems that rtsp only works on their normal camera’s,

its going back in the box to the shop.

I bought the Eufy wired doorbell specifically because RTSP was promised about 1.5 years ago (probably longer). I returned it for a full refund 6 months ago because there was no progress made by Eufy to actually implement RTSP and all my support queries got the standard customer service response with no useful info. Bought an Amcrest doorbell instead and while the Amcrest isn’t as slick as the Eufy, it at least has working RTSP so I could integrate it into my home security system.

It’s a shame. I really liked the Eufy doorbell. But the lack of RTSP and progress from Eufy support was an absolute dealbreaker. Won’t be buying any Eufy products again.

https://www.reddit.com/r/EufyCam/comments/nal27f/enabling_rtsp_on_battery_doorbell/ Seems like 1 year ago someone figured out how to enable RTSP via Anroid app. This means it does support, but why is it disabled!?