2K Stand-alone camera

My camera requires charging every two months or so. I am 76 years old and finding it harder to climb a ladder. The camera is positioned in a covered area and never gets wet. My idea is to feed the usb charging cable through the wall and leave it permanently plugged into the camera but only connect to the charger inside the house when necessary. Would the camera still operate normally with the cable attached?

I don’t think that it will, as there is no water proofing for the cable’s end going into the camera.
Maybe there are some DIY solutions in the internet, otherwise I’d recommend looking at the Outdoor Cam Pro, if you can spare the money.
That one also has pixel based detection instead of motion based recordings, which is much more reliable.

The camera will operate normally with the USB cable attached. You just want to make sure that the connection between the camera and USB cable is dust/rain proof and use a good quality weather resistant USB cable.
I would dab a small amount of dielectric grease on the USB end, plug it into the camera and then run a bead of silicone adhesive around the connection.
I don’t know what your camera connection looks like, but my suggestion may help you out.

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