A common theme on this site

I have noticed a common problem with this site after using it for 6 months or so.

Instead of using the Search function to get answers to questions, users, especially new users, just generate a new topic.

So now, we have literally dozens of the same topics and responses on this site. Even if the issue is solved in one thread, it might be rehashed dozens of times in multiple threads.

Please, before you start a new topic, search for answers that already exist. Same thing for wishlists. If you create a dozen wishlists for the same thing, it won’t get as much attention as one long wishlist where users can chime in with their feedback and get noticed by the Mods and Eufy.


It’s the Reddit effect / new generation of Internet users. People just don’t search anymore, they just automatically post and we get called bullies when we ask them to because searching apparently hampers discussion.


After a while, the people with answers get tired of answering the same questions over and over and either stop coming back or stop replying. The more mature forums post a sticky at the top to at least inform those who don’t know proper behavior.