All motions does not work on eufycam2 pro

All motions does not work on eufycam2 pro. Does not detect all motions, it’s a bug

Same for me, no more motion detection on my eufycam e and 2c sine a week or 2

Have 14 cameras in my system, Cam E, 2C, 2, 2 Pro, and 2C Pro. All detect motion normally. A few are set to Human, when they support it, but most are set to “All Motion”. Pretty sure its not a software bug or you would see lots more posts.

You have to remember that Eufy uses IR motion detection for most cams. When the temperature increases, the differential between ambient and a warmblooded subject decreases. That means you may need to increase sensitivity. They compensate for ambient temp changes in the cameras to a degree, but sometimes you need to increase sensitivity to get the same detections you were getting at colder temps.

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It was set to 7 on the sensitivity, there are no recording on others subjects beside human

If you look at the Power Manager, Detection Stats, there are events that was filtered by AI

Same for me … sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t… very strange
As a security system it should always works … doesn’t feel comfortable now

I have the same problem. Even if my detection zone is at its maximum, the sensitivity is also at its maximum and it’s set up to pick up all motions. It does not pick up everything and I don’t know why!

Same with my 2 Pro cameras. Recently has been missing a few odd motions? I have mine set to all motions, motion detection 7 but recently been missing a few?

Strangely motion is it ok most of the time, but any updates seems to alter the motion sensitivity? I have to always angle my cameras to compensate?

Very strange!

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