Anyone else feel ripped off?

Multiple events I have to go find what happened on the camera after I come outside and see my yard trashed. I changed nothing and my cameras won’t notify me of activity. This is not good. Zero trust means these cameras are complete garbage. Why doesn’t anything work like it’s advertised at all anymore? Eufy, I hope you are sued due to this shit. What an awful product by an awful company. Beyond disappointed right to absolutely disgusted.


Yes, completely! Our camera is malfunctioning, took over a month for customer service to replace it and they sent the wrong model. While we left out of pocket for shipping costs to return it and replace again. In addition home security is failing due malfunctioning product. To compensate at 15% off your future purchase, but you have the hassle of dealing with poor customer service to get the deal for a product that may or may not do its job.

My doorbell won’t pick up motion within five feet away.

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Understanding how these cameras actually work requires a ton of work… and then getting them to actually work for you is another painful process. I have been using Eufy cameras now for 2 years. ( I have 8 ) I wanted to throw them all in the garbage at first. I also don’t recommend them to anybody without some serious consultation and knowing where they are mounting them and what they expect . The odds that you can put them up without knowledge and have them work is rare. (I did have one location that just worked) I feel your pain!!!


I just can’t understand all the hate here. I’ve had several cameras and doorbells and Eufy is the best by far. Built in AI, I mean come on. I’m shocked at the hate. I love Eufy and I don’t work for the company.


Money is secretly given employees by competitors to ruin products to help competitors when a good product is ruined . I don’t know if that happened here but it looks to me that people are ruining the product on purpose

Just bought 4 eufyCam 2 Pros. But so far not impressed. Picks up movement at 15’, not 30’ as advertised. I followed guidelines for mounting. I’m not trying to get movement at the edges of the frame. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity on these cameras as high as I can, and oriented the cameras to point directly to where they should be. Meh. And I waited so long to finally get these. But hey they look cool.

Hey, you mention that someone should have serious knowledge before buying Eufy cameras. I’m curious as to why you made that statement.

I actually have three Eufycam 2 cameras that I’ve had for a while now, but just haven’t had the time to install them outside yet. So you have any suggestions for me on choosing the right locations to install these cameras?

I have a two story home, 3 car garage and about 3000 sqft.

Ummmm… I made that statement because the original poster is FAR from alone. You don’t need to read many of these posts before you see this. I post lots of videos on my social media sites from my Eufy cameras. When my friends ask what cam system I am using… I tell them I won’t help them with that. Good way to lose friends.

The cams you say you have are battery cams… the fact that they can lasts months without a charge is amazing. They do this by going into hibernation. This means…. That perfect spot you mounted them in … it can’t see what’s happening. It’s sleeping. The only thing that is watching for movement is the battery friendly PIR heat sensor. And it doesn’t care about the perfect view of your pool, it doesn’t care about your activity zones or if it’s set to human only. That PIR is very specific…. It’s very picky…. Place the camera in the wrong spot and you can literally walk up and touch the camera without it triggering.

Mine would miss giant frame filling UPS trucks crossing directly in front of it… But would pick up a bunny the size of a softball. Took me a long time to figure out why…. And even longer to figure out how to use the heat from the things I wanted picked up to trigger it… and then still get the video I wanted.

The only cams I have recommended are wired cams that use pixel based triggering and 24/7 recording. And only after letting them know what to expect and looking at the location first hand and giving tips.

My batt cams work great now…. But I would never expect anyone to go to the lengths that I went thru to figure them out. Put them up and give them a try. You might get lucky. If not… figure out why.


I thought my eufy camera was just one bad apple so I bought more. It was a mistake to buy more. Just switched to ring camera. Eufy is backup system and it barely works. I can stand in front of the camera at night and I am not detected. I tested many times on different nights

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Lucky you for getting offered 15% off future purchases. I was offered a 10% refund on the 2c which was £65 on prime day. Over 20 emails back and forth and the camera was glitchy and not recording motion smoothly and would jump from 5 seconds to 15 seconds without a way to see what was in between. So to be offered £6.50 for all my time and effort and get nothing back. Have noticed a serious drop in eufy customer service. Having spent a large amount of money for the 2k battery doorbell, the security kit including 3 extra door sensors and 2 extra motion sensors as well as 2 of the 2c and 1 2c pro, to be treated that way I genuinely feel your pain. If I’d of experienced the faults before buying so much I would have jumped ship.

Eufy if you actually read these then you need a rocket placed firmly between the cheeks and actually sort yourself out. Very unacceptable and I will not now of ever bang the eufy drum to others. A huge company and once you have the money it’s a clear case of the customer is on its own.

HORRIFIC behaviour!!!

I was having the slow issue until I bought the ASUS Rogue Router and now I can watch live play on my phone through Eufy and as it picks up the cars going by on the Eufy you can watch them on the phone at the same time and mind you I have a home that was built in 1870 that was built out of solid oak wood and it’s hard for routers to get through but my ASUS Rogue did and the Eufy is attached to my detached garage about 40 feet from the house and the ASUS Rogue is almost to the front of the house. I hope this helps!

Yep. These cameras are complete garbage. They record only half the time, motion detection doesn’t work(records the whole view if it even records) and have to reset cameras everyday. I installed security systems for 16 years and these are the worst cameras I’ve seen

I hope people in here also post out ‘in the real world’ to let others know to avoid these products until such time as they fix them.

I’m sorry you had this happen. And sorry you placed your trust where it isn’t respected.

My reviews are on all the mainstream review sites as well as Amazon. Disgusting way to behave as a company. Never will I ever bang the drum for this company. The 1 product I’ve never had a single issue with is the 2k pan and tilt indoor camera. The rest are very much below par.