Auto Night Vision not working

The night vision does not automatically turn on.
When change the mode off/on, it works. However, next time it gets bright and the night mode turns off, it will not go back to night mode when it gets dark again.
Latest firmware updated, cameras have been turned off and on. This problem occurs on both of the cams


Eufy needs to add a button “ON” regardless.
Current Auto algorithm is not the best to detect. If the lighting is in between. The IR filter will just kerp clicking on/off.
Needs an update.


Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same problem.
Both cameras on 4.4.1 firmware. 4.6.6 is available but after update no change at all. It stays at 4.4.1

Even when I push it manually ON during the dark ( because it did not switch ON automatically, even this feature is activated) , after couple of hours when looking the live camera stream, it is completely pitch black again.


Having the same issue. Any news or resolution on this matter?

So i searched around the internet and someone posted on reddit 19 days ago, same problem…it appears that they know about the problem and they re working on it.

Thanks Bel, did it give the indication that it was software related? as appose to mechanical ie the cameras.

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actually just read a couple of threads on there myself… seems like the outcome was along the lines of “we do not have a resolution for this issue at present, feel free to return cameras”

This does not sound very promising :frowning:

Yeah for sure it s software related since the nightvision is working before the cameras try to update. I really hope so though.

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I have one unit that was switching fine then night vision stopped working completely, couldn’t get NV to work at all even toggling manually, contacted customer support, that advised to do the usual cleaning lenses and sensors, still no joy. Even tried updating firmware/software and turned off/on several times, Swapped units locations to see if environment was the cause (ambient light or other PIR Field) and found it to be a faulty camera unit/NV sensor, customer support agent very helpful and emailed me a return label. They will be sending me a new unit in due course.
Fingers crossed new unit won’t have the same issue.

Thx for your response, in our case the night vision is working when u remove and add the device back, the an update appears and NV stops from working.

They should add a manual option to overide doing it automatic.
In my case it would help to set my Eufy doorbell to static IR at night. Now it a continuous to switch between normal mode and IR because of a small street light across the street. Makes it less usable for me :frowning:

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Still not switching to night mode when turning dark. Toggling the auto-night vision setting sets it to night vision but I have to do this to both cameras nightly to get to them switch. (ugh!)
Eufy needs to acknowledge the defect and give some indication of what is being done to correct it. If not, it goes back to them as a defective unit soon.

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Just an update everyone I have had these issues, overnight my cameras updated to firmware 4.6.8.

Let’s see if that works.

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Will be interested to know if it is fixed. I had to return my cams but if it is fixed I may be tempted to order again…

So? It works, or not?

Hello, it works now, i had the same problem.
They updated to 4.6.8 and now the issue is solved.

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Yeah, exactly the same for me. They pushed this morning the update 4.6.8 to my cameras and they work flawlessly. Good job Eufy!

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Glad to hear it.

Sent both cameras and homebase for repair and after 20days received brand new kit as they could no fix it. Both cameras running 2.6.8 and night vision working. 2.7.4 was available for update, but I did not do it just in case. After couple hours cameras updated automatically anyway to 2.7.4 - but Auto night vision still working.
Hopefully it won’t repeat.