Automation between two Homebases

Because just one homebase couldn’t cover all my camera’s, I had to install a second Homebase. Both homebases are connected to the internet by wire. Both homebases are installed in the same house, under the account

I’d like to have an automation option, that works between the homebases. By example, camera 1 on homebase 1 detects motion. I then like to start a recording on camera 4, which is on homebase 2.

Second that, but it has already been dismissed as ‘impossible’ several times by the eufy guys.

It’s even more true for pan&tilt cameras and the new solo cameras that don’t require a homebase altogether. It’s not possible to start recording on all of those cameras, if one has a detection, or sound an alarm on all…

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This is interesting. I’m just spitballing here, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to work around the system by setting up an automation routine through Amazon Alexa.

For example, camera 1 detects motion and triggers Alexa to have camera 4 to begin recording for 60 seconds.

The only thing I’m not sure about is if a Eufy camera can be automated to begin recording on its own. I know that a Eufy camera can trigger Alexa to automate something else (like a light turning on, a light changing color, etc), but to have Alexa automate an actual camera to do something, I’m not quite sure.

Maybe I’ll play around with this and see if I can get it to work. As of right now, I have some of my cameras trigger Alexa to turn on a certain light with a color red if the camera detects motion during the middle of the night. So I know automations can be done from Alexa, but not 100% sure if a camera can be automated.

There are way more important things that need to featured or resolved than an outdoor siren or an option to long press a button lol.

The question and concern in THIS post are entirely different and much more important for someone’s Eufy Security system to operate properly.

Thanks. Well done :clap:t4:

Why did you say “well done” ?
I assume you deleted your post.
I was merely trying to keep the thread on topic since this is a very important situation that many people come across.

I also just realized that Eufy has two different Homebase 2 devices. They look similar, but they have different model numbers. I would like to know why and what is the difference between the two devices. Hopefully someone will “chime” in with some helpful information soon…

The difference between t8010 and t8010x ', they both refer to the homeasbe, but the ‘x’ refer to more information about this device, such as: the country or region to use this homebase. Basically both are the same.

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Thank you sky218…! :wink:

One of the automation between two home bases under same home would be automatically switching mode on both of them. And not just related to the base connected cameras, but also switching on floodlight ones + internal ones on the same home.