Battery no longer holds charge

I’m so upset with my cam 2 pro. I have for almost 2 years and no issues, no matter what I do, the cam won’t hold charge for more than a day. I chatted with service and there’s nothing they can do. My second cam, I’ve only had to only charge 4 times since I owned it. The only thing support said they can do is give me a coupon. From my understanding lithium batteries can be charged at least a thousand times before going bad. So if the battery crapped out on me. Why can’t the batteries at least be covered? Or at least design the camera to be serviceable.
Has a any one else have battery go bad on them?
Thanks Bill

Have you tried a different charging cable and adapter?

I’ve charged mine plenty of times but dud have a charger die on me a few times

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Yeah, it sucks that the batteries aren’t user replaceable.
The typical estimated life manufacturers expect of a Lithium-Ion battery is about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles , whichever occurs first. One charge cycle is a period of use from fully charged, to fully discharged, and fully recharged again.

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