Camera are not good

Cameras are crap.looking for more reliable ones

Mine have worked very well. Could it be your wifi?

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The issue is not necessarily Wi-Fi, since the camera connects only to the home base and not to your home Wi-Fi network (if this is what you meant by Wi-Fi issues). I have three home bases and a number of cameras connected to each. In spite of the home base not moving, weather conditions not being a factor, and a strong camera to home base Wi-Fi connection when they are working, I have had cameras go offline/be inaccessible randomly. They may be offline for only a few minutes or up to months sometimes. They will reconnect by themselves; furthermore, depending on where the cameras are mounted, removing them and manually resyncing to the home base is not an option. Also, rebooting the home base typically does not solve the connection issue. These cameras are not worthy of being considered security cameras. They are toys at best.