Camera off/sleep similar to notifications

Same as notifications, a sleep option would be nice.

We need more info. Maybe just turn the cam off?

Too easy to forget to turn them back on - or you might be on a plane or something that prevents you from doing it. Sleep timer is the answer.

Until the idiots at Eufy put all cams under one roof ( homebase 3 ?) I live and die by the schedule mode for all my solo cams. I also want the “snooze” feature to kill video recording also… if that’s what the OP is asking for?

There are situations where camera is turned on by schedule and I don’t need it just yet. Sure,.I can turn the camera off but I more apt to forget to turn it back on since I use the schedule. I have the option to temp disable notifications, why not and/or the camera too?

Still waiting for geo location to be added to the schedule options as well…

Wow, they did it!