Can't post photo's in forums

When I click the icon to post a photo in a thread nothing happens, the icon highlights briefly when pressed but no box pops up or anything.

What kind of a device are you using? (Mobile or pc and the device brand. Ios or Android) And what browser are you using?

It could be a couple of thing. I know that when I use Firefox alot and there are some add on that may be suppressing the pop up functionality such as script blockers You would just need to allow these pages be trusted sites. Other browsers use this as well

If you are on Android (not sure for ios) when you are commenting or replying, there is a small gallery image in the same area.

Using Android, same thing happens on both my Samsung galaxy S2 tablet and my galaxy S8 phone, not using any web browser it’s all through the eufy app.

Yes I click that little gallery icon and nothing happens. What is supposed to happen? Nothing pops up.

I had the same problem when viewing the forums from the app. I created a shortcut to the forums on my launcher and that works.