Change security mode for all cameras (per location) together

If you have a multi camera installation, it is quite cumbersome to change security modes from HOME to AWAY to DISARM.

As with a real alarm security system this should be n intuitive and easy step, so that you do it naturally and often… Every time you step out of the house, it should go to AWAY, every time you come back, it should go to HOME, every time you have guests, should go to GUEST custom mode, every time you go to sleep, it should go to NIGHT custom mode.

The reality is different. You have to open the eufy app, log in, select the location, select every camera individually, for each camera open the security settings nd then select the security modes, where, in addition to the manual modes you can also set it to Geofencing and/or schedule mode. For my 7 camera installation this takes close to one minute and 32 clicks. It’s both complicated and confusing exercise. and in practice you will do this once or twice and then not do it anymore.

Please forsee an easy way, to switch all cameras/homebases of the account or of one location of the account between security modes


The security tab at bottom allow you to put all cameras in home, away and disarm mode, or setup a schedule. Hope this helps.

Well, yes it does, but one by one. if you have 2 homebases and 6 cameras in a location, how often will you do that?

There should be a button to do that for all at once, better even a widget on the phone that allows you to do that without opening the app.


This page controls all devices on a click of a button. The cogwheel also allow some individual device configuration. I posted a screenshot below. What cameras did you have?


Hi, @mar10279,
I have the page you show as well, but one per camera or homebase. Yes I can switch all cameras linked to a single homebase together. But not all cameras/homebases of an account.

Before I get to the page you were showing, I have a page with all cameras per location like so:

I then have to bring up every line separately and change the security mode.

Maybe I have set up something wrong. My overall system is based on

  • one account and two locations
  • location one has
    … Two homebases, one with a doorbell and 2 cam2pro, the other with 1 cam2pro. Second homebases needed for coverage
    … 5 pan&tilt cams
  • location two has
    … One homebase with a doorbell and 2 cam2pro
    … 2 solo cameras (which annoyingly don’t allow Geofencing)
    … 4 indoor pan&tilt cameras

I am also interested to see how someone can set all cameras at once within the app. Now I’m going to follow this post.

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Even though the standalone cameras are connected to the Homebase. Homebase can only control outdoor cameras. The indoor cameras has to be scheduled or disarmed individually in your case. But you can schedule all the cameras in the settings according to a specific time. Eg activate away at 8:00am and activate home at 5:30pm

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I have only these eufycam 2C cameras that are under one homebase and controllable under one configuration. These cameras listed I do not know of.

@sky218 recommendations sounds reasonable, maybe not desired tho

Look, let’s not water down a reasonable feature request in the way eufy support does it during the rare moments when they bother to reply at all.

The fact is that eufy churns out an unreasonable number of camera models that alhave good video quality on a standalone basis, but zero thought put into user friendliness or integration.

There is absolutely no support for multi cam applications, let alone multi cam environment with different eufy models.

The only spot, where this is brought together is the eufy app and that seems to follow the logic of the Chinese communist party… As long as it’s not fully broken, it’s acceptable… So sorry we aren’t perfect yet. But we struggle to improve and a solution is foreseen for Q4/2020… Oops it’s already 2022… So sorry we aren’t perfect.

You are supporting a multi cam app, you have defined (debatably) sensible security modes across all cam models. You have defined the possibility to manually switch between those modes for all cameras individually. You are offering the possibility to group cameras by location. Now do the logical thing: allow group operations by location for camera groups… For example setting cams into one and the same security mode.

And no, @mar10279, paraphrasing the problem as a solution as @sky218 does, is not a reasonable recommendation.

In the app, go to help page, click feedback box in the bottom and from there send your message directly to eufy support.

I did. Holding my breath for a constructive and speedy reply.

And here it is:

“We have recorded your needs internally and will statistically assess them anonymously for future decisions. We apologize for not being able to confirm to you now if this is possible in the future.”

If I understand correctly, it means… Unless another million users were stupid enough to buy more than one of our cameras AND all of them complain about them not having this sensible and basic feature, we will not do anything about it. Please, in the future, only buy a single camera from us or put up with whatever our engineers think is best for you.