Clip length not long enough

So, I have 2 outdoor cams. I have selected custom clip length to 30s, but they always only record 5-6 s.
Any ideas?

I don’t have any of those but I do have a Spotlight 2k cam that has an option to “End clip when motion stops”. I leave this unchecked so that each recording goes the full length for me. Maybe your Outdoor Cam has that option somewhere in the settings?

In custom settings choose the length of recording and then uncheck the box that says end clip early if motion stops. Should do the trick. However it will draw from the battery life, but if your ok with that the that will work.

What they :point_up:said. If it’s the wired cam then battery life isn’t an issue. For battery cams, you might want to increase the interval seconds also. 10-15 seconds to preserve some battery life.

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Thanks all, will uncheck :slight_smile:

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:ok_hand: please check back in and let us all know how it goes for you. Thanks.