Difficulty viewing footage when away from home

I’ve had the wireless 2k doorbell and a 2c camera for some months now. And am frustrated with only rarely being able to view footage whist away from home.
The home base has been both wireless and connected to my router via ethernet and it make no difference.
I’ve also moved the homebase around to try and resolve this.
I constantly just keep getting the message:
Unable to connect to homebase (-3)
I’m ready to throw the lot in the bin and get a system that works!!
Just to add the distance from the homebase to my outdoor cam is less than 4 metres and has been as close as 50cm. Still nothing.

I have the same problem with my Video doorbell 1080p. As soon as I leave the home Wi-Fi network, I can’t see the videos when I receive “human alerts” or the doorbell rings. Works fine when on my home Wi-Fi.

Can anyone suggest a solution?

I have 2k indoor.
Last I used remote viewing is 2021Xmas.
It was working fine in Xmas. Not if it will work today.

May be it is Doorbell camera issue.
You needs to submit log and do a feedback.
you need to specify
what OS
version of OS
app and furmware version in your feedback