Do not disturb mode - for shift worker

Ok I’m new to this forum but after searching I haven’t quite found the answer to my question.
I asked this before directly to “Eufy customer support” before buying the “video doorbell duel”.
My Fiance works night shifts and was wondering if it can be set to a “Do not disturb” mode while she is sleeping (So she doesn’t get woken up) e.g 4:00 - 14:00 Mon - Fri.
There reply was:Yes, you can set the doorbell working at “do not disturb” at a certain time in the app.
I have found a do not disturb setting but I have to set this manually?
Surely there should be an option to be able to set the homebase on “auto silent” during certain times?
Or do I need to disable the homebase as a chime completely and buy a separate ringer that I will then need to put on a timer plug?
Hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance.