Doorbell/Alexa help

I have the Eufy 1080 doorbell.

It is connected to my Alexa. (Allegedly).

My phone and compatible TV, won’t show me the camera - it’s says cameras don’t work on this device.

I have tried disconnecting via the Alexa and reinstalling.

They are connected to the same router.

The TV or my phone do not feature in the “announcement” part of the Alexa app - just my 4 echos are here…

In the Alexa devices tab, my echos, TV and phone show online. The doorbell doesn’t.

I have read alot of articles on the internet but cannot see anything obvious other than disable and reinstalling. Which I’ve done.

The review I read said they are compatible, and the chime works on the echos when someone presses the doorbell. It’s just the video feeds. (I don’t have a show, just phone and compatible TV).

Any ideas?