Doorbell app not ringing sometimes

Have the 2k doorbell along with 6 other eufy cameras. Cameras work fine but the doorbell is giving me problems.

When someone presses the eufy doorbell, I sometimes get the chime on my phone but sometimes I don’t.

I get the motion notification each time correctly and events recorded someone presses dooebell. But the actual chime is hit or miss on my Samsung ultra 22 phone. Sometimes it chimes and sometimes it doesn’t. So sometimes I miss packages.

It’s not wifi signal since it’s close to my router. And I get events and motion detection. Just no chimes half the time.

I have latest Eufy app for Android.

This has begun to happen on mine this last week or so. Be interested to know if you solve it!

Having the same issue with mine lately. And if it does chime, it’s usually like 30 seconds after the motion. Something needs to be done about this immediately.