Doorbell - Blue ring around button

Hi, we installed cameras and the Eufy doorbell a few weeks ago, and I’ve noticed of a night time the button for the doorbell doesn’t illuminate. I noticed in pics it should display a blue ring. I know that if I were coming to the front door I would have no idea where to press the button for the doorbell, as it is very difficult to see.

I’ve noticed the blue ring around my doorbell button only illuminates when it detects motion, day or night.
It doesn’t Auto light up at dusk. I have the 1080p grade battery doorbell.
Now I could see where you would want it to be lit at night if you turned off motion detection and only to record when someone presses the doorbell… but I haven’t tested that out.

Under “Video Settings” in the app, there should be a toggle for “Status LED” - ensure that it is switched on. However, my understanding is that the light only activates when motion is detected (i.e., no way to have it lit permanently at night).

This is correct. Wired door bell or battery ones only light when detecting motion and when set to light the button.

Having it lit permanently would be an unacceptable and unnecessary battery drain. These are standalone devices so you have to accept a trade-off between not requiring wiring as against limitations in use.

An optional setting for the light to be always on would be nice so people can find the black doorbell at night.