Doorbell shows 2 notifications when somebody rings


I have a doorbell connected with the Homebase. What I experience now is that if somebody rings the bell, I do receive 2 notification badges on my iPhone app. Not sure where that is coming from.

The notifications on the doorbell are set to Thumbnail.

I have exactly the same issue. Can’t figure out how to turn this off.

Are you talking about getting two push notifications on your phone for every event? If that is what you are referring to go into notifications and change it from “Full Effect” to either “most efficient” or “Include thumbnails”. Full Eff sends a fast push notice that is only text, and then if it can send a push notification with a thumbnail it will send a second one. It is for pure speed, and you still get the pic of the motion trigger if possible. Most Eff sends only a text push notice, and of course “Include Thumbnails” waits to send any push notifications until it can send a pic of the alert. This could be really slow, or maybe never get a notification if it could not produce a thumbnail for whatever reason.

If this wasn’t what you were referring to, then ignore my random babbling. Hehe


Thank you, Tim. That is exactly what I’m referring to. When somebody rings the doorbell I see two notification badges on the app icon (iOS). Changing the setting you recommend doesn’t change anything. When I set it to “most efficient” I still see a thumbnail.