Dual doorbell camera - Low Temperature Notice

Has anyone else had a “Low Temperature Notice” warning pop up in the app, see screenshot, for their battery Dual Doorbell please?

I’m a bit concerned as it’s the middle of our Summer and currently 18c/64f and I’ve had this warning notice a couple of times over the last few weeks.

The battery doorbell is currently wired, using the previous wiring that ran my 2k wired doorbell.

Any help or assistance would be appreciated in understanding the reason for this warning notice?


Sounds like the temperature sensor is bad. Tell support you want another unit. When you get this notice it means its cutting the charge current to save batteries. This means that even though you are wired, it won’t charge the batteries and they will eventually need to be manually charged. This warning isn’t supposed to appear until temps get down to around 0 deg.F

After a few days troubleshooting with Eufy, they decided to send me out a new doorbell.
Well the new doorbell is now installed and only time will tell how it performs.