Dual Video Camera - battery lasts for 14 days each time

Is anyone else having to constant recharge their Dual Video camera every 2 weeks?
While I love the new dual video camera, it is starting to grate on my nerves with needing to recharge the battery every 10 to 14 days :flushed::unamused:.

I’ve reduced the sensitivity, reduced the distance of motion detection, reduced the motion zones - all to no avail

Firmware is up to date. I’m just waiting for a cooler period to see if the scorching last 3 weeks impacted the battery performance before sending back the device.

Short of turning off all motion detection, has anyone experienced this issue and/or have any idea how to fix?

How many events, not notifications, is the doorbell recording per day?
Then you can start to look at what is causing the battery drain, such as trees, plants, cars or shadows etc, then you can look at adjusting the motion sensitivity of one of the detection segments.

My dual video doorbell battery life is also not great. Currently at 90% in five days usage with 10 events. Before I managed 20 events and the battery was at 60% in ten days? My previous Ring 2 Pro lasted at least three months. I’m hoping that charging, conditioning over time will increase better battery life. I really do not know how it is advertised as six months battery life?

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