Eufy 2K Pan and Tilt homekit issue streaming and recorder

i’ve set at home: streaming and recording. It’s seems works the recording but if i open Home’s app and after i want to see streaming live i have that message: “This camera is being viewed by someone else”. But nobody use that.
I’ve see if i change in only streaming the streaming come back to works…
is it a bug?

Mee too. It’s annoying. Once it appears, then go to offline mode at Homekit, but if you check at Eufylife APP it is still alive and streaming.
It’s a bug that only applies to Homekit.

Yes same issue here. I’m wondering if it is actually an issue with the home hub (ATV) trying to do something with the camera or not? Restarting the camera via eufy app fixed my issue for now

it’s possible the problem is timeout when someone leave to watching a cam and in the same time another one look the video recordered. Something in that situation create a busy cam.
For two times i’ve no do nothing. Only waiting and not watchin a camera. At the end (maybe 5-10 minutes) the problem is disappear…
Anyway it’s clear there is some problem… when happen i’m not so sure … but there is…