Eufy Security App Bluetooth Compatibility

Hello. I have the Wired 2k Video Doorbell that i use through Eufy’s Security App (Android). When i go to use the live feed or answer a doorbell call, the audio only plays through my mobile device’s speakers even with a bluetooth audio device connected. I contacted Eufy support and they claim that the app is not compatible with bluetooth! Seems pretty wild to me considering just about every new phone doesnt have a headphone jack anymore, and relies on bluetooth exclusively. Trying to use my phone’s speakers to communicate via the app at work is not very easy, as im usually in louder environments, and i would also prefer not to have the conversation blasted on speaker phone for all to hear when im not in a loud environment

Is bluetooth really not compatible with the app? If so, is this feature planned to be added in the very near future? Also are there any workarounds to this issue?


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I don’t have any issues with bluetooth audio coming from my samsung tablet or LG phone. They are both android devices and I can hear audio from my cameras and doorbell through my bluetooth speakers or headset. My oldest tablet is still on Android 7.0 and it works fine with Eufy and bluetooth. Make sure your Media audio is turned up or that will make your audio inaudible.

Im using the new Samsung Galaxy S21 which runs android 11 i believe, and i use Samsung Galaxy Buds for my bluetooth audio. If i have music playing via bluetooth and i open the app and open the live feed, my music stops understandably. However, if i tap my earbud to play the music while the live feed, my music is also forced to play out of my phone’s speakers. Once i close the app the music returns to my galaxy buds

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Sounds to me like its working as designed. Having music override the app would be a nice to have and with all the other stuff on Eufy’s plate, probably not very high up the list. You could contact support and get the issue logged, but since they told you it wasn’t compatible and were wrong, they will probably be of little help.

I dont mind that the music doesnt override the app, i was just using it as an example that the Eufy app pretty much disables all bluetooth audio connections while the app is open. Im looking for suggestions on how to get the app to play audio from the livestream/recordings through bluetooth.

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I just re-tested this and the only device I have any issues with is my wireless doorbell (T8210). When I live streamed the doorbell, the sound went to my speakers, not the bluetooth. If I ring the doorbell, I can hear and talk to the person on the porch just fine using bluetooth. I have 12 Eufy cameras of various models and can hear audio and use the speaker on all of them on bluetooth. Tested with 2 Samsung tablets and 1 LG phone.

I tested all the devices by using a portable radio and placed it near each device, then live streamed to that device. Also, triggered motion detection for each device with radio playing and listened to the sound on bluetooth. Even the doorbell events played sound through bluetooth when I rang the bell or triggered motion.

It does look like there is an issue with the doorbell, but everything else works fine on bluetooth. Maybe your newer phone has an issue or an Android version problem. My newest tablet has Android 10 and works fine, but I don’t have any Android 11 devices yet.

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Wow, thank you for all of that information. I greatly appreciate all the testing you did. Guess ill just have to wait for the doorbell issue to be fixed.

The basic function that determines Bluetooth vs speaker is part of Android. My guess is that something in the firmware of the doorbell or the app code for the doorbell is breaking the native Android functionality. I have copies of older versions of the app that I keep around for testing and I’ll try a couple of them with the doorbell and see if I can determine whether its an app problem.

When you talked to support, did they give you a ticket number or just blow you off? If you have a number, I can send them my testing under that number and verify that there is a problem.

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This was the response i received.

"Dear ren***,

Nice to hear from you.

As to your concern, please note that the Eufy app for doorbell can’t support bluetooth and please accept our sincere apology about this. We have passed on your feedback to our product team and they will take this into serious considerasion based on all customers’ feedback.

Have a nice day!

Reference Ticket#93611215 if contacting a CSR


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I have the same issue with my Android 1+ phone…
The Eufy Cams work fine with Bluetooth but the doorbell does never put any sound on my Bluetooth earplugs. There is a serious issue with the doorbell when using Bluetooth.
@Eufy please fix this issue!!

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Any update on this?? Live feed still only plays audio through my mobile device’s speakers. Whats even worse is its not even the speaker phone setting, it uses the audio as if im holding the phone to my ear…

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Any update on this now? I have the same issue.

If you haven’t opened a ticket on this, it won’t get fixed. This same issue has been discussed here earlier in the year. Eufy doesn’t monitor this board.