Eufy Security app - permissions


I was wondering what the different permissions of the Security app (Android) are used for.
I mean, it has asked me for the camera-permission in order to scan the QR-code.

It has also asked me for the location-permission, but I am unsure what this is used for exactly.
Definitely for the Geofencing, but since it already asked for that before I even touched that feature, I am wondering if it asked it for a different reason as well?
But it seems to be working well without the permission granted anyway.

The microphone and storage-permissions it asked me for at the appropriate time as well, and are easy to understand why it is needed.

Then, I also saw it has the telephone-permission, but it (luckily) hasn’t asked me for it, but I can also not see a reason for this permission. But I do wonder why it is there.

There are also Advanced permissions which the app hasn’t asked me for and so are both set to Not Allowed.
Yet I do wonder, why it is there. These permissions are:

  • Display over other apps, and
  • Modify system settings

Nothing to do with paranoia, just curious about this. Wondering if they are (to be) used for a feature (still in development). Or if setting some of these to allowed makes for a smoother experience.

Loving my eufyCam2 thus far!

Thank you for reaching out. @FlyingDutchman

For the display over other apps, it is the feature that keeps the device and eufy security app actived and running at the backgroup so the app won’t be shut down and stop working while your mobile is on.

According to the system settings, could you please let us know the exact model of your mobile device?

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.