Eufy Video Doorbell 2k - cable vs battery version

Hi there,

I’ve already got a battery version of the video doorbell on my side entrance, just placed at on the side and works like a charm. No cables attached etc.

Now I want to replace my main doorbell as well, but I am currently not sure what exactly to do.
So what I want: Use the cabling of the existing doorbell. I am fine with the battery version, but I am unsure what the benefit of using the cabling would be - the chime is not working, correct?
I am also not sure in what scenario I would need to use the breaker thing for my current chime, I can see it in some youtube videos, but I cannot find the usage in the manual.


  • replace existing, cabled, doorbell with which version of the 2k doorbell?
  • why the cabling? for what benefit when using the 2k version?
    best guesses:
    with cabling and battery and without breaker: chime is working
    with cabling and battery and with breaker: chime is not working, battery not necessary
  • do I need the shortcut/breaker thing in my chime, and if yes, what does it do?

thanks so much!

is that hard to answer?

It is somewhat difficult to answer.
With your original cables (powered from bell transformer) the 2K doorbell will record three seconds prior when motion is detected, which is a benefit.
Your house chime, I’m not too sure about that. I believe it has to be a mechanical chime to function properly. Breakers/jumpers it all depends on how your bell transformer is connected to your house chime and your doorbell. I think there are used so that you’re outside doorbell will have constant power. :thinking:
I’m not much help, but have you tried a search in this community forum it may reveal some help.

Which version you want depends more on you and your preferences than what anyone on this forum can tell you. You only need the jumper cables if you’re installing the Wired version.


  • footage stored locally on doorbell
  • not compatible with existing house chime - need to jump wires

Battery (which can be hardwired):

  • footage stored on included Homebase
  • compatible with existing house chime - must hardwire doorbell; no jumper necessary