EufyCam 2 stops detecting and recording

@Waakhond you are Dutch ?

I got the same problem , height is between instructions so that’s fine and indeed in the app cameras are “on” but looks like they turn of somehow.

The thing that worked is turning them off and on again and they work again for some period…
The problem is you don’t know for how long.
So now I’m checking before I go to bed if they work and when I leave also.
Otherwise you simply don’t know it . But you buy them for security notto check them every time.

For me it doesn’t matter wich camera ,both stop…
I don’t think eufy looks here for these things , I contacted them they asked me some info and I. Hoping they come with a solution.

The strange thing is Looks like ther cameras with problems are the newest firmware

Deuberl60 I believe they monitor these posts but just not responding. if you look at other threads that are about wanting new products or wanting to buy more products eufy is answering on those posts. I am starting to feel like one of those victims that fell for the Niagara scams :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ja :wink:

Ik heb het vermoeden dat het AI filter wellicht “teveel” eruit filtert…maar dat op personen zou ie allles moeten opslaan…wat dus niet gebeurd.
Daarnaast rammelt er ook eea aan de zones…

Sorry for my Dutch text. Google Translate does the trick :wink:
Maybe I’ll get another badge now for replying in another language :stuck_out_tongue:

Now my cams worked for 2 days straight away and now homebase 2 is offline and not coming online by restarting it

Another thing I noticed , when checking power on my iPad (iOS) , cameras say they are at 97% ( so 3% in 6 days , but having them on full security on request of eufy support ). But when I check at my android phone. They both say they are still 100% … witch isn’t possible offcourse

On top of all the other problems now the server is down for most of the day and still no word from support. I guess shouldn’t expect no response since they don;t address all the other problems.

Well beginning tot look like i bought the wrong stuff. IT sounded zo Nice doorbell on ac power not to charge , camera’s with long lasting batteries …

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I have this issue with my cam 2.

I think the issue lies with the AI detection software, because I’ve noticed on the power management tab of the camera. I can go pass the camera and the False Event goes up by 1, so the camera does detect the movement it’s just puts it down to a false event and doesn’t record it.

I could be wrong but that’s what I’ve noticed with my camera which I have set to “all motions”.

I have my leds on with detection but they don’t go on m so I’m not sure if that’s te problem

Strangely I’m now problem free for 3 days in a row …
I don’t know what happened but I’m surprised about it because we didn’t had any updates

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Update , today one stopped again . Really strange

I just installed some eufy 2 cameras to go along with my E cameras after dealing with issues for months. Ended up being my homebase rather than cameras so the new homebase 2 fixed my issues. However, now one of my 2 cameras won;t pick up detection and it is on 2.61 firmware. Guessing the issue still exists. Great… Nothing but problems with Eufy for months now.

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I have had to reset my homebase2 3 times in 3 days. Since the update the whole system Keeps failing and eufy say it’s nothing to do with that, but when I say lots have the issue they say they have not heard of a single issue.

I will give it a week to sort if not, I’m afraid the whole lot will be going back. I honestly stick with what I said a few weeks ago when we had server issues that Eufy is not a security camera company, it’s an electronics company who make chargers and vacuum cleaners and jumped into a market with a great product that they haven’t got a clue how to run. These systems need a huge team working around the clock ensuring they are secure, hack free, no bugs, online at all times, when they glitch they need an experienced team jump on and fix it…
I’m afraid the attitude I think is , they have problems and they will get 1 tech to have a quick look after his lunch on Monday or maybe Tuesday if they have time.

I think that once they stop cameras there will be ZERO support and maybe no cameras at all once they close their servers down.

I’m a huge eufy owner and fan!!! Love the cameras but if wheels are flat, it don’t matter how good the engine is…it ain’t going anywhere.


Good point. I already have eufy cams. no way I could recommend it to a friend or enemy. The concept is great but the customer service is the worst. If security means a lot to you this is the wrong company. Motion detect has a mind of it’s own it works when it wants to.


Hello all!

I just installed a system with three 2c cameras and I have exactly the same problems as you have. So the system does not meet the product specifications described by Anker itself.

What frightens me is, that the bug exists for so long, Anker can’t fix the problem and the support doesn’t react.

I will write an Amazon review to protect potential customers from a bad buy.


yes it will be good to get the review out so at least potential customers will know what to expect.

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They respond if you mail Them but they wont do anything , every problem is a new problem ,they never heard from the problem. My camera’s are now doing quiet good , but not 100% problem free , so for security cams its not good enough , you have you rely on it that they detect 100 %. Now my doorbell doesn’t detect movement everytime , really strange

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Same problem here. I have two eufy2 cameras and one eufy2C. The motion counts register when I walk by, but no alert and no recording. I walk past one of the cameras at least twice a day, and nothing at all. The UPS and mailman walk past at least once a day, nothing.

Really disappointing.

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I have the same issue as described above , has this been sorted yet ???

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No this has not been sorted out. It is a continuous problem. You can not rely on the Eufy system as a security solution