Eufycam2, 2c or 2 pro. Which one and why?

I am thinking about buying a homebase with cam2 but don’t know which one? The cam2, 2c or 2 pro. Same for the homebase, homebase or homebase2.

What would you recommend me and why? Thanks in advance for your answer(s).

Read the forum posts carefully. Evaluate the number of recurring issues regarding AI detection, app performance, battery performance, notifications, and night vision issues to see which of the cameras meet your expectations. Finally and most importantly read the thread about the major flaw classified as a “feature” by Eufy. Once you have done that your answer will be crystal clear.

You can also join this Facebook group if you’d like. They can help answer any questions you might have. Https://

Thanks for your replies. @Crackers, care to share the url with the thread you mention here?

Just bumped that thread to the top of the list

Thx, lot of reading. Answers my questions, pitty that eufy is ignoring the real problem.