Events stopped recording the last two days

My camera stopped recording events

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Which model? battery or wired?
do u use continuos in sd card?
no recording to cloud or sd card?
how old is is your sd card?
did u change router?

Check one of your guest users hasn’t deleted your activity zones or turned the camera off.

It drives me nuts that my family has access to destroy the setting. Just had to fix a dead camera took me while to realise someone had turned it off in the app!!!

I have just experienced the same issue. I go out and test to make sure an event is triggered, but I come inside look at my phone, no notification, no event recorded. No changes to system since everything was working. I have local and cloud storage.

If I find the solution I’ll post it here.


I am having the same issue… I’m about to return this and get RING :frowning:
I’m so frustrated

Did you find a solution? I’m having the same issues

Same here !

This happened to me with my 2k doorbell once. Try Disarming the device (from the Security page in the Eufy app), then close the app. Wait for 20 seconds or so and then restart the app and re-arm the device.

Similar problems with my 3 cameras. They stop recording. Then a few days after resetting, the screen is blank but the sound plays. This is the 6th or 7th bad event in 8 months. Having to take the cameras down and connect them to the homebase to clear thinks up is not acceptable.

These things are not ready for prime time!

Change your password. Don’t let your family know the new password.

Any luck? We just installed ours having same issue

same here. eufy please fire the guy who did the last patch update