Exceeded the maximum P2P connection

Does anyone know what this error message means? Exceeded the maximum P2P connection.

Has anyone else received this message?

I got exactly same display at approx 11am today when I was checking back the video recording of activity in my garden. It failed to record part of what I expected to see!!
I suspect it was perhaps a server issue?

Interesting. I was also about to review a video in the early morning hours too, when I got the message. First time ever receiving it. Strange. My motion sensors also keep on randomly going to 100. Even after I adjust it and triple check it, seconds later I go back to check and it’s at 100. These problems all started in the last to week. Have you kept on eye on your motion sensor levels?

My system is a eufy cam 2c which I only installed yesterday so not too sure about your comment re the motion sensor going to 100.
You must have a different system to me?

I’m also in the UK

I have the original cams. The first series released. Today I got a random message for only a few seconds saying I entered into geo fencing. Strange because my geo fencing is off. Prior to this I was not able to live view for a few minutes. In starting to think my app has been hacked.

I’ve received this message occasionally when I open up an event/ring notification on my phone. Seems to go away if I simply access the event from my Events tab in the app though.

I get that occassionally; guessing it has to do with having the app previously open, a connection time out (with this connection data still in the app cache) and then opening the app again… essentially making a second connection.

I have found just “killing/closing” the app properly, then re-opening, the message goes away.