External Motion Detector URGENT

An outdoor motion detector to trigger specific camera’s when it detects motion would be amazing. Less reliance would then be needed on the limited range of the camera’s motion detection. They are also more discrete so harder to detect.


I know Eufy has stand alone motion detectors that you can buy. I haven’t tried them. I agree it would be awesome if you could pair that sensor with a camera to extend its motion detection range. I’m assuming the way it currently works is it just notifies you if there is movement just without taking video. So it functions just like the cameras just without the video. (Just because one camera activates it doesn’t trigger another camera.) I would really like the capability to pair multiple devices so if one is activated all of them turn on.

Really silly that they didn’t waterproof the motion sensors. Would remove so many motion detection problems and give you more freedom where you can mount the cameras!

Some have DIY’d it. I never tried it…. I figured they MUST be working on it. Maybe not???

I have been using the indoor motion detector outside to trigger my doorbell cam. It’s in a blink camera mount. The motion detector is a bit smaller than the blink cams. I had to cut out a slot where the motion sensor is and filled the gaps with spray foam. The back can come off to replace battery. It’s under the roof overhang so no direct water but it made it through the humid summer just fine.

I can’t think of a better reason to have an external (waterproof) motion sensor than the doorbell cams! Your mounting choices are crap.

Eufy has this feature! I just discovered it! It is under the security tab in the app. You then go to “Automation” and it allows you to create and select events that trigger other devices. So you can turn on a camera if a motion detector is activated. See my attached photo.

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Although I did just find out that the motion sensors eufy sells are not waterproof so they are NOT intended for outdoor use.