False alarms during playback


does anyone else have issues with false alarms while playing back videos? I notice it more late at night because there is nothing going on, but I think it does it all the time. I’m watching back clips and getting false alarms. It also worked fine till I took it in to charge it, and since then it decides to randomly ignore my activity zones, but not consistently? I just saw a video of someone walking up the road outside the zone, it’s recorded the whole time they are visible. Walking back the other way in the zone, it only caught the tail end of them walking away. It’s hopeless. It sometimes sees the milkman walking away from the door but not towards it? I spend hours deleting random clips of cars miles away from the zones.

Support were no support of course. They don’t seem to read emails properly.

After I posted this I went and deleted some of the many false alarm videos. In half an hour while I was checking and deleting, it triggered 12 false alarms.

In the following half hour when I haven’t touched the app…no false alarms.

I’m experiencing the same thing. Any answers?