Feature request: expand automation triggers and actions

The automations function could be far more powerful. Even just adding “time of day” as an available trigger would be a significant improvement. Adding the ability to change security mode as an action would be great.

Example use case: This would allow me to ensure my system will always revert to Away (or night) mode after a certain time, if I have manually changed to Disarmed, or Home (day).

Apologies if this has already been posted and I didn’t find it.

I think I understand the issue. Can’t you setup a custom arm/disarm function with the schedule that comes up.

For example, I have two Indoor 2k Pan & Tilt cameras. I didn’t want notifications blowing up my phone all day as people walk past the cameras during daily activity. So I setup the custom selection on the app and set my cameras to only function from midnight 12am - 6am. I even set them up in Alexa to turn one of my bedroom lights RED if it detects motion within that timeframe! I figured this would be helpful should someone try to break in my home and I’m awake in my bedroom to see my light charge color. Believe me, in not looking forward to that day lol, but the more ways to be in the know, the better! It will also be a horrible day for the intruder as well since I plan to be prepared with a mindset of anger and revenge lol.

Anyway…I think I understood your concern. Does my advice with the custom selection for the schedule help you? I can’t figure out the geofencing solution though. I could use some help with that if it’s even possible.