Geofencing and Schedule when in the zone

Please make “ schedule” an option for geofencing to switch over to when “ in the zone”

That way, when I” in the zone “ we can decide to have the system “ disarmed” until a particular time , ie night time when the settings will be different.

It’s inconvenient having to change the security profile throughout the day.

Or, an alternative approach could be to allow geofencing to override any other security profile when out of the zone . So you could be on “ schedule “ , disarmed, home , whatever, but unexpectedly having to leave the house , and it would therefore switch over to geofencing

When you get home , geofencing switches back to schedule …. Which could mean “ disarmed” until night time

Easy fix

All you you to do Eufy is add “ schedule” to the list of profiles to switch too when “ in the zone ‘