Home Base 2 External Storage

just brougth the 4 wire-free 1080 with homebase2, Love the product.
Only hiccup, External Storage. I would like to know when the usb port be enable to allow an external drive be used for recording?.


@AnkerSupport any updates?

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Waiting for this also, Anker need to pull your finger out!!

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My usb drive waiting to be connected and used!


Slightly concerned to receive this update this morning.

“I understand that you want to connect a flash drive or USB hard drive to the bast unit to extend the local storage, please know that we will soon be launching a USB storage dongle that will allow you to expand the storage. It will be ready in the next 2-3 months if everything goes well. Please stay tuned!”

Do I read this right? To expand the storage on the HomeBase2 you will need to purchase a special dongle from Anker. I bet that won’t be cheap.


If the external drive requires firmware/software to run which more likely why they want to sell their own, Why not issue the files so a standard USB key/drive can be used.
Or is that too simple…

I’ll be extremely disappointed if I have to purchase a specific device to expand the storage capabilities of the homebase. A simple USB 3.0 dongle is perfectly capable and Anker will no doubt annoy a lot of customers

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Will it be a firmware upgrade of the base or a special encryption dongle to put on usb slot to which any external harddrive would be connected to ?

Any updates?
Will we be able to use any external usb storage source?


Maybe if you start mentioning what doorbell cameras can have expandable memory then they will get a hint.

How soon is soon because its now going to be September and i haven’t heard anything yet

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If this is correct i will be moving in another direction for local storage capability

I’m planning on purchasing the eufy doorbell with hombase2 and eufy cams in the future.

I wanted to make sure if there will be an option to expand the storage via usb or is eufy going to realease a new homebase? if there will be an option for expansion, any update on it?

Please let us know,

Thank You!

Exactly - What is the point? Oh yeah MORE $$$

If you use appletv you can use the apple cloud storage, that’s up to 2TB

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Don’t purchase until available. I didn’t read the fine print and got features confused. Happy with product but is disappointing to invest $300 plus in cameras only to find that the storage runs through more quickly. Usb option of any sort would be great. I have thumb drive and ssd on standby so a dongle is disappointing to hear.


Any updates round the corner ?!! , it is October now ,Answer is a key driver to buy whole security system.

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Any updates??? I am holding off purchasing a nas as I would rather use a usb device that I currently have. PLEASE!!!


There updates are pathetic, I bought this specifically because they didn’t have a subscription service and in the hope I could upload to a NAS. Yes there is RTSP but that is sketchy at best. I have a xiaomi Mi indoor camera and has NAS back up. How hard is is for Anker to implement this feature? Every time my Xiaomi camera records it instantly uploads to my NAS and has never failed. This is without their cloud service, how can xiaomi have better free service than Anker?


Agree and been waiting for something to expand recording for about a year now. It’s ridiculous. I am in IT… Anker please have an Agile pod knock this out in a single Agile sprint (~2 weeks max).