Homebase 2 is updating

Hi, my homebase 2 has been updating with that message for 2 or more days now. All four cameras are not responding. I’ve tried restarting after unplugging as I can’t do it via the app. Red led still flashing. Any next steps? All was working well for quite some time. Homebase t8001 and 4x cameras.

Mine took a good day to update, after updating ive not had any videos in the detection library… 3 days and no videos, doesnt even detect me getting into my car. Hopefully they make a fix soon. I posted a day ago regarding it however there has been no comments on possible fixes.

FYI, if after update everything stops working, look in the settings for home base, it may say “new sd card detected” and need to be formatted or repaired.
I formatted mine and all cameras begun working straight away.

You guys are lucky, I can’t really change any settings at all. I only see Name, connection, paired and about in homebase configuration. Basically, i can’t change anything, red led still flashing. I was thinking I could just pull the sd card out to see if that triggered something.