HomeBase 2 USB port use

I’ve just purchased a 2C Pro set with HomeBase 2. It all set up easily and works well.

However, I note that the HomeBase 2 has a USB port, but no real indication how it can be used.

I also have a 2TB USB SSD pen key. Can I plug in the SSD and use it as expanded storage for the HomeBase 2?

@ter657 Simple answer NO you can not.

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Thank you.


I just bought two camera set of EufyCam 2 pro.
Does anybody know Is there any plans in Anker (firmware updates) to enable SSD disk support with USB port?
If there are some plans in near future, I’ll buy some more cameras.

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The Homebase 2 doesn’t have the processing power to handle on the fly decryption for external storage and all it’s other duties without performance issues. There have been several posts on this. There is a Homebase 3 somewhere in the works that may support external storage and communication with other homebases, but no word on when that will be available. An annoucement was made to this effect back in October 2020.

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