HomeBase2 & 2C Cameras

I just set up my second (replacement Home Base & Cameras) set of devices for my eufy security system.

The first set of devices acted very inconsistent. Sometimes when I would walk up to the camera, and wave my hand in front of the lens it still will not record.

After having 2 phone conversations with eufy support, they recommended that they replace my entire setup. I received the replacement yesterday and installed it today, a Home Base 2 and 2 2C cameras. The second set seems to be even more inconsistent than the first set.

Even with motion sensitivity set to 7… I can walk right up to the camera wave my hand and nothing gets recorded.

I have my settings set to home and human.

There must be something that I’m missing. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA

Have you actually armed the cameras? Bottom right ‘Security’ tab, You can select arm should arm all cameras, clicking each mode you can customise with alarms, which cameras to arm, etc. Hope this helps.

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Thanks. Under SECURITY I’m set to HOME.
I don’t see an ARM and I only see DISARM ALL CAMERAS.

Yes…. The basic understanding of how a PIR based camera system actually works. You are definitely not alone here

In the security tab you should see Home, Arm, Geofencing, Schedule and Customise. Clicking each one will allow you to change each camera. You can change each camera to either Video Recording, Notification, Camera Alarm or Homebase Alarm.

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I have a very similar problem with my Homebase 2 and 2 2C cameras.

There is no doubt that the cameras both detect motion as I can put them into Motion Test Mode and see the red light come on at the slightest sign of any movement.

When I have the Detection Type set to All Motions, it seems to work for a while detecting all motions and it even differentiates sometimes when there is a human in the image. It seems to make little difference if I have the sensitivity up or down, or whether or not I set an Activity Zone.

But when it does seem to successfully detect All Motions and then I switch it to Human Only, it barely detects anything any more. I can set up the Activity Zone and increase the sensitivity but nothing seems to help.

I have reset the whole system, reprogrammed the base, reconnected the cameras, tried wifi and ethernet, and nothing seems to improve the performance in any way.

Any other suggestions???

Hi, I have recently installed 3 cameras and a hub. I found that at first the system did not work very well, but it improved over a period of a couple of days! I assume that the AI ‘learns’ your location and then is able to deliver a more consistent output.