HomeKit is Coming to Indoor Cam!

[7/14 updated] The following are answers to questions that have been consulted recently

  • Upgrade firmware to v. or newer. (Check it in device settings > device info > System Version)
  • Upgrade all your IOS devices to the latest version. (include the iPhone, iPad, iPod, all the devices you want to access to the Indoor Cam)
  • When opening HomeKit, users must add the device in the eufy Security app and then complete the activation process.
  • Homekit function is open batch by batch. It is expected that it will be fully used today.

[7/11 post]

Hey, Indoor Cam user,

The wait is over, HomeKit compatibility is coming to Indoor Cam now! :partying_face:

We thank you for your continued patience.

With the big date just around the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to prepare for what this exciting update could mean for you. :man_mechanic:

What are the feature differences between HomeKit / HomeKit Secure Video / eufy Security app?

Note: Feature availability and performance may change in later firmware updates.

What do I need in order to use HomeKit Secure Video?

To activate HomeKit Secure Video on your Indoor Cam you will need the following:

  1. An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 13.2 or later [:warning:Important] . We strongly recommend HomeKit users upgrade to this version before using HomeKit Secure Video.
  2. The Home app set up on your iOS device using the Apple ID that you use with iCloud.
  3. An iPad, HomePod, or Apple TV.
  4. A 200GB or above iCloud storage plan.

Do I need a home hub to use HomeKit Secure Video?

HomeKit Secure Video is designed to work in tandem with home hub.

With a home hub, users can control their HomeKit accessories remotely, grant access to the people they trust, and automate their accessories to do what they want, when they want. Users can set up a home hub on an iPad, Apple TV, or HomePod.

Without a home hub, HomeKit Secure Video options won’t be available, even if your Indoor Cam’s system has been upgraded to the compatible firmware.

For more information, please click here.

What will change after I enable HomeKit Secure Video?

Since Apple has specific requirements for HomeKit certification, to avoid functional conflicts, the following functions will be activated/disabled via HomeKit request.

Will I receive notifications on both the iOS Home app and the eufy Security app?

Yes, users will receive notifications from both apps.

So, there you have it Indoor Cam users!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We appreciate your patience and hope this guide helps you in deciding if HomeKit is right for you!

Where can you find us?

1)eufy Security app->Help->Call us/Feedback

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team

:face_with_monocle:For more official tutorials, please click here!


Please let us setup indoor cam without being a part of the homebase! It’s frustrating I have to jump through hoops to not have to use your app. Thanks


Love your integration with HomeKit. Great that I can use the Home app or your app with my cameras. Please keep making new great products. My only other request is add your video doorbell to HomeKit. Thanks.


How can we reset the camera? - pan and tilt


I have EufyCam 2c and several EufyCam 2K Pan & Tilt. I like that everything runs very nicely on Apple HomeKit. I hope other products they make will also integrate with Apple HomeKit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There is a reset button on the back of the camera hold it down and it should reset.

Not working here. HomeKit portal button does nothing. Bought the device especially for this, disappointing!


Me too
HomeKit don’t work

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This is quite confusing. The announcement says it’s coming now but also with the big update **right around the corner. ** so is it here or will you enable it later?

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Why wouldn’t there be 2-way audio? every other HomeKit camera has 2-way audio, when will you guys enable this?


Me too :slightly_frowning_face:
HomeKit not working

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Homekit not works :rage:

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I’ve added my Indoor cam to Homekit twice with problems both times; first, it showed up on my iPad but not my iPhone. Eventually on both. But then it would respond only on my iPhone to commands such as turning on when home, but not the iPad (either the tile would be black or say (this camera is not responding). Finally, if it did successfully change to streaming and recording, nothing showed up in Homekit Secure Video (yes I have the 200 gb plan). This is for both times the camera was added to Homekit.

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The indoor cams don’t need the HomeBase for setup and never did.

HomeKit firmware is in beta. Works well for me.

It took me two tries to update the firmware. Then it took me five tries to add to homekit. Finally it did and it is working so far. Did not know two way audio wouldn’t work though. Hope they announce they will be adding this soon.

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Hold the “SETUP” button on the rear of the camera 10s until you hear two beep. The camera was set to factory status.

Dear power users,
Please make sure if you firmware version has been updated to (You can check it in device settings > device info > System Version)
eufy Security Team

Dear power user,
Please make sure all your iOS devices (include the iPhone, iPad, iPod, all the devices you want to access to the Indoor Cam) have been update to the latest version.
eufy Security Team

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Same with me: HomeKit doesn‘t work. Newest iOS and Cam-Fiemware. After clicking on Homkit-Portal I can see for less than 1 second the Eufy logo and after this nothing happens…

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