How to access local storage?

I have recently set up a eufyCam 2C system with the homebase using local storage. The system is working via the app, however I cannot find any information on how to access the videos in local storage. To be clear, I would like to be able to view or download videos from the storage on locally connected computers (Windows or OSX).
The homebase does not appear accessible on the network and I can’t find any options for setting this up. I have also tried the web app but this is also unable to access the videos. I cannot even remove the SD card to load videos elsewhere as it is built in.
I have not tried connecting to the USB yet, is this the only way to access locally stored videos?


You mean via the mobile app? Can’t that only download to the mobile device? Can you bulk download videos so they can be transferred? Why can’t you just access the local storage locally? Doesn’t that defy the point of it?
Surely users want to view videos on desktop so they can actually see them in detail. Where is this functionality?


Have you received an answer to this? I am trying to figure this out as well.

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I as well

Did anyone get a response yet on this topic?

Same here. Anybody find out anything?

I have also chased for a response on this in other threads but have heard nothing back :frowning:

Hi, I am new user to this cam system …. But failing to get a response :
you should be to eject the microSD card from the homebase, and insert it into a microSD card adaptor and plug that into ur PC. Maybe not quite the way you envisioned, but hopefully can help you achieve your objective :+1:


RemoVe the sticker with the red line across it, then Use a small pin to push down the micro SD card it will rebound out 2-3mm …… I just tried it so am confident this works👍


You cannot view the video files on the SD card directly. They are encrypted and formatted with Ext4. The only way to view the video clips is through the app. The app provides the key to decrypt the video and allows you to view or download clips to your device. It’s kind of a kludge to allow viewing cams and events remotely, but still maintain security if someone steals your device.

You can do live view of your cams through the Eufy web portal, but you cannot access event clips unless you have a cloud subscription.

I do not have cloud sub but can view events recorded on internal chip. (Procam 20)

If anyone is still searching for an option…

For OSX desktop download the app from the AppStore

For remote web portal log into