How to remove the camera from Home Kit

I want to enable only human detection on the camera. For this I had to remove the device from HomeKit what I‘ve done. Unfortunately the error message is still displayed on the Eufy App to remove the camera from HomeKit in order to modify the motion detection settings. But the camera is not on HomeKit any more. Any hints how to solve it remotely? I‘m away and have no access to to device at the moment.


I don’t use Homekit, but maybe try restarting that camera through the Eufy App settings.

Do not use homekit either…

Unsure if this would work but reinstall the app and log back in (probably not the issue but may be worth a try)

Figure you will have to wait to get back to work with it other than to restart the cam from app as suggested…

The feature you’re looking for is in the Homebase settings > general > Homekit and there you click on the edit button and choose which devices you want in Homekit and which don’t