How to Use Alexa Echo Devices as Your Doorbell Chime?

Do you want to have extra doorbell chimes in your den, bedroom or kitchen, so that you won’t miss a delivery when you work from home?
The eufy Wired and battery video doorbells are compatible with Alexa Echo devices and they can use them as additional doorbell chimes.

To get started, please follow below steps:

  1. Setup the wired or battery video doorbell and make sure they’re working fine on the eufy Security App.
  2. Open the Alexa app, search for “Eufy Security” Skill. Enable the skill to link your Eufy Security account with your Alexa account.
  3. Discover your devices.
  4. Go to Devices tab - your Doorbell.
  5. Go to Announcement Devices and select the target Echo devices that you want to make it as a doorbell chime.
  6. Enable Doorbell Press Announcements.
  7. Select your Doorbell Sound from Standard and Seasonal sound effects.

    You’re all set!

Now, press the doorbell and your Echo devices will play a sound effect.


I bought mine a week ago, it shipped with the latest firmware a the HB2 and at the BattDB. Linked Alexa and not even once I have been able to use the “show me the doorbell” function. Also noticed there is no Alexa announcement for either human or movement detection but for when someone pushes the ringbell button??? I have my mechanical bell and the base to alert me. We need announcement for human or movement detection as well. EUFY, please fix this.

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On the subject of Alexa and notifications. Sonos devices are “Alexa Enabled” however you don’t seem to be able to enable them to notify you when the doorbell has been push. Is this something you are able to look into or a limitation imposed by Sonos or Alexa?


Hi Manuel,
The doorbell doesn’t support announcement for human/movement detection on Alexa. It does support announcement for doorbell push.

The announcement feature is supported by Alexa App. It’s not a feature supported by SONOS App.

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It could if it you were code it do so on the AlexaSkill, so technology is not the roadblock.

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How can I use the Google home to play a sound effect with the eufy doorbell?

Does the eufy genie work as a chime?

I linked the eufy and the Alexa app, installed the eufy skills.Alexa recognized my 2k doorbell, cams and homebase, but when I go to the doorbell setting I’m not seeing the option to set announcements? I have the echo dot 4 and want to use it as an extra chime.