Just found out after buying 2 cameras that if they get stolen you lose all recordings, how bad is that it makes them useless as security products

Why are eufy not correcting the problem of if cameras are stolen or damaged you cannot access recordings. That makes them a total useless security product.


When you go to storage are there options for NAS and cloud storage? That’s the way mine is. Now cloud storage is not free but that’s the way everyone is now that I know of.

I understand that but these cameras are advertised strongly as subscription free.


Remember, the Cloud is just somebody else’s computer. I don’t trust them to keep my data secure. The fact that they have a monitoring system as a service tells me that the supposedly “encrypted video” is accessible by Eufy or some third party. That doesn’t fit my definition of secure.


Do you not have a sd card.? All my recordings are stored to that.

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U are right, and this gets underrated! When my camera shuts off because of low battery, i can not see the recordings anymore! Same as it gets stolen… completely useless product!!


Any cctv is the same way, if they steal you dvr your data is gone,I like eufy over others because I control my data, enable the Nas feature and set it up that way or pay for the cloud like the other services force you too, I back mine up to my own machine because all the cloud is, is someone else holding your precious videos of you.

Why do i have a homebase then? The data is there but cant reach it