Keypad notification

Is it possible to let the keypad notify you by sound when coming home?
When leaving I arm my eufy system by switching to the away mode on the keypad. You can hear a notification beep from the keypad (the setting of leaving time before alarm goes off) until the system armed.
Unfortunately, when coming home, my door sensor triggers the system which is armed. I set it to have a delay of 15 sec before the alarm rings. But I have to remember myself that the system is armed. The keypad doesn’t notify me having 15 seconds to disarm the system. When I forget, the alarm is fired.
Is it possible to enable a notification for this delay like the keypad does when leaving home?

No, that’s unfortunately not possible.
You can however set a notification on your phone when alarm delay is started. It’s something at least…

Thanks for your answer.
Could this feature be put on the whish list?

Every alarm system has this functionality in general…

People keep asking about it every month, so I have put out a inquiry about it towards the team.

Any progress here…?

I nearly bought a keypad … lucky I haven’t
I cannot believe that there is no notification that the alarm is active when a family member arrives home… until the alarm triggers… family will not love that…nor the neighbors
Please…let the “team” know, sales are being lost.
I will assume you guys are in business of making sales

That’s not true. If you set an alarm delay, you get a notification when motion is detected and the alarm delay starts. After that delay, the alarm is activated.

You are correct about the notification… sorry I hadn’t explained myself correctly…yes a notification would be sent to your phone upon trigger.
What I was hoping from what I have read from @yur48 is that the keypad would active a notification beep upon arrival as it does on departure.
Relying on a txt notification to your phone that the alarm system is active, you are making some assumptions…

  1. All family members have their phone on them and it’s not on silent
  2. The phone notification maybe assumed as a txt message…not an alarm in activation
  3. You can hear the eufy notification on your phone ie not buried in a hand bag
  4. Every one has the app on their phone including house minders and friends

All I am trying to do is have an alarm system that works, user friendly, and most importantly, is used. If the keypad only has a notification beep on departure but not on arrival to me is not user friendly and because of this it will not be used, which is defeating the whole reason of wanting to using eufy as an effective user friendly alarm system.

How hard would it be to set up arrival notification FROM the keypad not from your phone when currently according to @yur48 the keypad has departure notification on the keypad. To me, it’s a no brainer and as it’s stands…lose of sales as I’m not going to purchase the keypad, nor any internal sensors. Shame I had high expectations

Thank you for contacting Eufy Customer Support.

We appreciate your support in Eufy. However, I am so sorry to say that the keypad is unable to notify by sound when coming home at the moment due to software limitations. Sorry for the disappointment caused.

But it is something we’re considering for a future release. I just added your request to the wishlists on new products design, our product team will be aware of this request.

Lol, I was told this was in development…

Im now regretting my purchase

Exactly @John0 !
I setup this discussion long time ago, still no solution from Eufy.

Whishlist / in development…it can take ages when I read that.
Please Support team, can you at least give us an estimation of when this will be fixed in future releases?