Keypad won't change security mode "some devices need bypass"?

Hey all,

Don’t want to make a new topic as i have a similar problem.

My system: 1x Homebase 1, 5x eufy cams, 5x window/door sensors, 1x Motion sensor.

When i want to arm my system all cams are on and all sensors are on and closed. But still i get this message " some devices need bypass" when i use the keypad to activate the “away” status. But when i set the system to “away” in the app the systems arms without any issues.

Is this a bug? And is there a way to find out what sensor/camera causes the error?


I’ve seen the “bypass warning” when a camera or device has motion detection turned off as well as open sensors or alarms. The warning is just telling you the system isn’t configured optimally.

is there a way to find out what device is causing the error? Some sort of log?


The way Eufy implements this is really bad and should definitely be changed. Even if you have a leaving delay set for an entry sensor, you will get the bypass notification if that door is open when you try to arm to system. If you don’t bypass the sensor (hit the check mark), the system will not arm, even if you close the door with the leaving delay time.

Here’s the reasons I think this is an awful implementation

  1. It’s annoying. We set the alarm after the car is loaded, or the last person is heading out the door. The door will always be open when we set the alarm. Being required to click another button has no value and is annoying.

  2. It’s dangerous. I need to have confidence the alarm is set regardless of who is setting it. It’s just too easy to overlook this second step and then the alarm is not set.

  3. It’s dangerous. You will never know if your main entry/exit door sensor has failed. I’m not just acknowledging the door is open. I’m BYPASSING the sensor. if that sensor had actually failed, I would have no additional notification about it and the door would be un-armed.

It’s pretty simple. If a leaving delay has been set for a sensor, the system should expect that sensor might be open when the alarm is set. If it is not closed by the end of the leaving delay, then the alarm should trigger. But you should not have to bypass the sensor. As it currently stands, the default action is to leave the whole system disarmed which is the worst outcome.


My prior alarm system allowed you to choose the sensors to temporarily bypass before arming. This allowed me to choose the front door then I could arm the system while it was open. If another door was open, because this door wasn’t configured to allow for bypass, the system wouldn’t arm. Similar to entry delay, it seems that a bypass delay could be configured.

A good firmware update recommendation would be:

1: User begins to arm the system.
2: System checks sensors are secure.
3: Keypad notifies the user of any unsecured sensors. (Sensor name and sensor state)
4: System begins countdown for leaving delay with unsecured sensors in bypass mode.
5: User is instructed to hit X to cancel the arming countdown in bypass mode to check unsecured sensors.
6: If the user does not hit X to cancel the arming process, the system will arm in bypass mode if any sensors remain unsecured after the leaving countdown.

This process will ensure that the user is notified of unsecured sensors and also arms the system as it was instructed to regardless of sensor state. When taking the kids to school I hate having to walk all the way to the front door to close the door after the kids, then walk all the way back to arm the alarm before going all the way back to the front door again.

Edit: This will also help with arming the system via the Alexa commands, as it is impossible to bypass when arming with Alexa.