L20 does see motion, but no notification or recording

Hi all,

I added a L20 solocam to my Eufy system last week. Well actually, I cannot add it to the system since it is a solocam and doesn’t communicate with the homebase which is really annoying.

However, the L20 solocam will NOT send me notifications nor will it record any video. The camera does sense motion, because the red LED will turn on and at night the floodlight will turn on. I’m also able to livestream the camera, so the connection is perfectly fine.

But even though it is sensing motion and it has a good connection, the camera will not send me a notification or record in any alarm mode. And yes, notifications and recording are checked in the alarm settings.

Update: After trying every single trick for a couple of days, it is now working. I’ve re-synced the camera to the WiFi system twice and it’s working as it’s supposed to.