Motion detection only works when things are close to the camera

@eufy Please reply, otherwise i’ll return the cams, because this is useless for me

I have the 2c cameras and don’t find the motion great, very hit or miss. Wish there where some outdoor sensors Eufy did for the UK :uk: I could add to my setup or even IFTTT support so I could buy some other brand motion sensors and get them to trigger the camera

All PIR cameras have this issue…as another said, pir works best with motion from side not straight on to the camera. Going higher than 10 feet will make it worse I think.


Surprisingly these cameras work extremely far from the homebase except for when it’s raining. I’m going to put a camera at the top of my first driveway entrance in a tree as well. I walked up there with one the other day and it streamed fine even though it’s a good 50 yards from the homebase. In the picture it’s by the utility trailer at the end of the red arrow. Hopefully it continues to work that far at wasn’t just some one time fluke.

Have you got the Motion Detection set to all motion, not human only?

Yes. And sensitivity is all the way up.

Not sure if you use Apple products but my Eufycams just updated to support Homekit Secure Video and that has better AI motion detection. I just started using the cameras through the Apple home app. Although there’s no option to draw activity zones, it detects the motion where I want it to.

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So sorry to learn the issue still persists.

Please noted that the detection distance is proximity is from 7 to 10ft, have you tried the camera testing mode for the feature and see if it works? Please feel free to reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

Same issues here, c2 cameras detection outdoor are not always detecting a person , all motion detection is no option because of street traffic. A person passing right to left under camera was not detected this morning, at about 1,5 m from camera.
I would say it’s more miss then hit . Area to improve

Same here. Fedex dropped a delivery directly in front of camera 2…no record. My wife picked up the package from the same direction…she was recorded. No record of either from camera 1.

I got Camera 2 because Camera 1 mounted at 90 degrees to the other camera missed an entire mini fridge delivery. Losing confidence after my 4 Eufycam 2c camera purchases.

Same here, but I am using the E camera. Someone can walk right pass the camera and it will not record or it will record the last second of the person walking past. This indicates to me that the system is slow in starting the actual recording and can miss the event entirely because if it.

Hey guys! Thank you for the feedback on this case.

Have you tried the activity zone setting? If the issue still persists, please send a short video of the detection issue to our email.

Please feel free to reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

Thanks for your reaction, but my problem was that the Eufycam2 wasn’t recording at all when you walked straight at the cam at oud drive way, even with sensitivity at max. So i can’t e-mail any video…

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Pir is only good for side to side movements not coming at it. This is not a Eufy problem and there is no software that can change this, it is a hardware thing.

So there are no cams that do record movement towards the cam? I’m searching for a good alternative.

I would go with a 24/7 recording camera or somthing that does not have pir as the motion sensor.

This thread is very concerning as I have the same issues, frankly if what I’m reading is true, this camera system will not work to show humans entering my driveway where the camera is straight-on. Right now I have it at the far corner of my drive, pointing back at approx 45deg to the drive and it won’t work, I was hopeful that moving to straight on may resolve my issues but it appears it may actually exacerbate them. Very close to returning…

These are problems that should of been detected before the cams made it to the market. We spend a lot of money on the product for it not to work correctly.

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