Motion detection triggers on garage light switching off

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and or how they’ve dealt with it.

I just installed an indoor cam in my garage, and so far it’s working well except for one hang up. My garage door opener has a light that comes on whenever it is activated and then stays on for some minutes. When coming home the garage door opens, the light comes on and the indoor cam senses motion and starts recording. Great. Once I pull into the garage, shut the door, and go inside there is no longer any motion and the recording stops. This is also great. But, then the garage door opener light times out and switches off, and the camera detects this sudden transition from light to pitch dark as motion, sends me a notification, and records a clip of nothing. Not so great.

I’ve tried looking for a cooldown setting, or for a minimum duration to continue recording after motion stops, or something to avoid the nuisance notifications and recordings of nothing but have not found any solution yet.

Has anyone on here had a similar experience with installing an indoor camera in an area like a garage where a light switches off and is detected as motion by the camera? What are best practices for dealing with this?


Maybe try lowering the Sensitivity in the Motion Detection settings may help.

Hey thanks for the reply.

I do already have the sensitivity set to minimum so that’s not the solution, if anything it feels like there ought to be a max sensitivity cutoff if that makes sense.

When I look at the nuisance recording I can see the garage when it’s lit by the opener light and then switching to pitch blackness for a second before the IR LEDs click on and the image switches to an IR lit night vision image. Based on the timing (consistently 3 seconds) I think that it is that switch from lit image to pitch black that is being erroneously detected as ‘motion’ by the camera.

Is the camera mounted securely? I know this sounds odd but possibly the switching of the IR lens in the camera is causing movement…
Also just thought of this when you’re watching the clip do you have the option below to Mark the video? Basically the mark option tells the camera not to record that movement when it detects it.

Mine does the same. It’s not battery powered so I just accept it and expect it.