Multiple camera or cycling view via website

I realize this may not have been introduced as a feature due to the fact that it would require multiple cameras to be streaming at the same time (which could reduce battery life) but there are times when it would be helpful to be able to view more than one camera using the Eufy website camera viewer OR have the ability for it to cycle through cameras after x number of seconds.

Before moving to Eufy, I utilized PC based NVRs like BlueIris and I liked the ability to have a browser open and have it cycle through multiple cameras when I need to watch an area that is covered by multiple devices. The ideal solution would allow you to specify which cameras to include in rotation, the length of time before it cycles to the next camera and bonus points if you can have a static URL to point to and (after login) have it go into that cycle (ie, So that way you could pull up a bookmark/shortcut to initiate the view.