My battery powered video doorbell is offline, doesn't charge and doesn't turn on

OK seriously… I’ve had this doorbell for less then 2 months.
Today I noticed that it’s completely dead.
I didn’t get any notifications or anything from the homebase or email that there is no communication between the device so I had no idea until my guest told me that he kept pressing the doorbell but no one opened the door.

Is this normal? less then 2 months…

I’ve taken it off and am charging it via USB, been 6 hours now and still dead.


Mine did the same. I deleted it from my system and charged it up. I then pressed the rear sync button for about 10 seconds and it came back alive. I also think there might be a reset button somewhere, but not sure, but I didn’t have to use it.

It had to added back to the system afterwards, but it’s all working fine now.

I tried the sync button for 10 seconds but no luck.
I’m wondering if the battery is dead?

But then it shouldn’t matter right since it’s connected to the existing wires and should be always on

OK after god knows how long, I was able to get the doorbell to finally boot up.
(still requesting a replacement via the exchange from Eufy since this should never have happened).

Something I notice is that when I plug a USB cable to charge the doorbell, I see the battery icon and a little charging thing next to it. Makes sense that it’s charging. That’s how it always has been in the past when it was plugged into the existing doorbell wires.

Now I notice that it just shows a Power plug icon instead. Does that mean it’s not charging or that it’s on power only mode and not using battery?

Confused on what that means.

Anyone else have this issue?

This is the 2nd time in 4 days my doorbell has gone offline.

1st time the battery was down to 38% and showing amber. No notification on the app or the Homebase to tell me it’s offline.

I took that opportunity to charge it up. Had to delete it from the app and re-add it to get it back online

Now it’s happened today again. Could of been offline 24 hours for all I know.

Is deleting and adding the only way to recover it?

At least yours shows a battery life. Mine doesn’t even shows that, just dies

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What I did notice after removing the doorbell from the app was I could no longer watch footage stored on the Homebase. I thought this was a bit odd.

Doorbell was unresponsive so held sync button for 10 seconds to reset. added the doorbell again. Changed all the settings again. Checked I could see saved footage again. Checked battery 96%.

Put back outside. Will see what happens.

Contact eufy for a replacement. You shouldn’t have to worry about these things. They should work and give you piece of mind.


Same here and it’s frustrating. Happened multiple times and I don’t have time for the none sense. Enough that it’s been missing all the people that come to my home and catches cars instead on FULL screen detection zone and on ONLY humans. I get I live on a semi busy street but I have yet to find AI (not so much) that can do a basic job of detecting humans and preventing false alarms and not failing and dying for no reason when it’s fully charged. Frustrating indeed.

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The common thread here seems to be charging issues that are creating other problems. Make sure that you have the correct doorbell transformer. Most transformers for only a mechanical chime were rated at 8-16 VAC and 10 VA. That’s not enough to charge a depleted doorbell. Most cases it will show the green plug icon on the doorbell until the battery runs down. At that point it doesn’t have enough juice to notify you there is a problem.

I purposely left my original transformer powering the doorbell and bypassed the chime. It was only sourcing 20 ma. of currrent and over a few weeks, the battery percent charge dropped from 96% to below 50%. With a correctly rated transformer, my doorbell keeps the charge in the 90% - 100% range and I haven’t had any trouble with it dropping offline.

Note: the problem is much worse if you keep your original chime hooked up. The mechanical chime will limit the current even further so the doorbell will work until someone presses the bell then die immediately. Make sure the transformer is rated 16-24 VAC and at least 30 VA.

some additional comments – this draining issue with the battery seems to be a software bug. Here’s how its tested in my situation:

Every so often, maybe every 2-3 months, the device will randomly drain down to zero and shut off. If I charge it fully, it will proceed to drain back to 10% within 3 days. As a last ditch effort I gave up on this device and just turned it to optimal battery life, which disables 90% of all features. This allows for the battery to charge off the transformer and gets me back to around 80% charge after 4 days.

I then flip it back to customized surveillance with 120s clips and a 20s retrigger interval (as i had set it since i bought it), and low and behold! It holds charge again constantly at 60% for the last 10 days. I totally expect whatever software bug to kick in as it normally does after a while and i’ll rinse and repeat.

In short, its a software bug. anker support and software development are absolutely tone deaf about this, and it shows.

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Mine is same died on me today