My EufyCams stopped Recording video

I have 2 EufyCam (original first gen) and the Home Base.

For well over a year they have recorded video events fine to the microSD card.

Starting a few days ago, I get no video recordings.

I have already:

  1. Double checked that motion detection is on for each camera. Default sensitivity.
  2. My Security-> Home/Away settings have Video Record enabled.
  3. I re-formatted my microSD card.
  4. I tried a different microSD card.

Live video works fine.

I’m stuck. Ideas? Thanks.

I have had the same problem. I have 8 cameras and sometimes they will all record other times I will get notifications for motion but no recordings to sd card. Sometimes I can click on the notifications and watch the motion but it’s not recorded on the card. I am consistently restating the home base to get it to work again. I did contact support several months ago and was told the engineers were working on a fix and that it was because of my 8 camera’s. I’m sure they advertise 15 camera’s can be connected to 1 home base as this was 1 of the selling points I wanted.

I have the same issue but note that a recent firmware update has forced ‘Human AI’ meaning the recording is saved only if the camera detects a human. But support have gone dead silent on it.

Hopefully there is an update soon - these cameras are dead paperweights otherwise… the AI isn’t good enough to always detect a human.

Have a similar problem, all my past recordings are gone and it only saves a few recordings a day.
My nights recordings are gone after half the day has passed.

Not sure how to fix this,

I had a recent firmware update for my system sending notification of movement but not recording them the home base would tell me to add camera or device even though all camera’s were paired in devices. After the update my camera’s worked for 2 hours then stopped,I restarted my home base and it had been removed from my system along with all camera’s. After I re added everything all my videos had been deleted, it’s recording now ( last 18 hrs) and I will see how it goes.
Update, home base continued to reset ( as in New device) every 12- 24 hrs and I would have to do a new set up every time. I have returned it to my place of purchase to be assessed and hoping they will replace it as it’s’s still under warranty.

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All 4 of my cameras have suddenly stopped recording any motion triggered videos. I have checked all my settings and they are correct. The homebase ifs working fine and there is plenty of space on my SD card. I can view live video on each camera. Just none of the cameras are recording motion. I have restarted the Homebase to see if that helped - no difference. Before I go and remove devices and reinstall them, does anyone have any other ideas?

I had the same issue and found it to be the scheduling. If I set home or away proiles manually, recording works without issue but if they’re set via a schedule then nothing is recorded.

Yet another broken feature!

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Hum, i was thinking about Eufy cameras (outdoor and maybe indoor) and the floodlight camera solution for my almost house but for what i’m reading here in the community, i’m starting to feel that it isn’t the best choice. :worried:

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This is about the original eufycam. There is also the eufyCam 2, actively supported and I assume better in performance.
Also, I think people with problems come to forums, but for all the other people it works, they rarely come to the forums.
Good of you to check the forums, but it may give an incorrect negative image (there’s also all the people owning a system without problems).
For me it was all about tweaking the settings (eufycam 2 and battery doorbell), they work as expected now.

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Did you contact the customer support? What did they say?

Yes, you’re right about that.

How’s the return options in your country?
How about you just test some cams and if they’re not to your liking, return 'em.
Here in The Netherlands it varies from 14 days (legal minimum) and whatever other amount the webshop offers.

I’m from Portugal, so i would need to buy from or (most probably) from

I might have found solution for this problem. I’ve same problem = camera stopped recording when motion occurred. I’m using two cameras, both are 2C. The problem started after I changed mode in Security -section from Disarmed to Home. After doing this I noticed that one of my two cameras stopped recording. So I thought that the problem is not in the homebase, because the other camera works ok. So I didn’t rebooted the homebase.

Troubleshoot which I found working for me:
Security --> Open settings for Home or Away (which you prefer to use) --> Uncheck the “Record video” box --> Save --> Open settings for Home or Away again --> Check the “Record video” box --> Save.

I think that software has a bug when changing the mode from Disarmed to Home or Away. Sometimes that changing doesn’t active the recording even though the “record video” box is checked. So fixing the problem you have to manually “active/refresh the recording”. Hope this helps you guys.

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thanks for the info – have had a similar problem – one (of two identical EufCam 2s – just purchased) stopped recording out of the blue… I had changed (and switched back) security modes earlier in the day but the camera did not stop recording until hours later (after switching back)

I tried your suggestion and it started recording again but not for as long as my other EufyCam2.

Update – cleaning the cameras has helped a lot (me bad) – this whole mess started during a bad rain / ice storm; I think a thin layer of ice was also affecting the “problem” camera.

27/03/2022 and issue/bug not fixed yet

Same problem here, 3 cams working, but 1 suddenly is not sending notifications and not recording videos in the SD. In cascade HomeKitSecureVideo is not enabled on this cam. The 2 other are working fine. All 3 cams are updated to recent

Have you tried turning motion detection on/off and also the camera itself?

Try Format your sd card